The Oakmont Property

The Highlands Cashiers Health Foundation announced we are seeking indications of interest and statements of qualifications from experienced housing developers interested in participating in a development on the Health Foundation-owned property (the Oakmont Property) in Cashiers, North Carolina. We desire to work with a developer who views the site as an opportunity for a mixed-use (residential, retail, recreation, green space) mixed-tenure (ownership and rental) project, with an emphasis on workforce housing.

Over the past year, we have worked with a consultant funded through a grant from Dogwood Health Trust to develop a unique concept for the eight-acre parcel bordered by Highway 107 North and Highway 64 West. The Health Foundation hopes to create a project at the Oakmont Property that aligns with the needs, character, and values of the Cashiers community and advances its mission to improve health and well-being for all people.

The Highlands Cashiers Health Foundation’s vision for the Oakmont Property is to be a transformative, community-focused project that will build on the strengths, unique attributes, and opportunities of the development site and the Cashiers Crossroads area.


Click here to view the Request for Quote (RFQ).