Communications Tool kit

HCHF Tool Kit

Congratulations on Receiving Support from Highlands

As an Highlands Cashiers Health Foundation grantee, we know you may want to share this news to help promote your great work. This toolkit will help you understand the best way to talk about your HCHF support and provide some sample tools that you can download and make your own newsworthy press release for your community and partners.

Sharing News About Your Work & TEAM

We want to ensure that your story takes the spotlight, even when announcing a grant you received from HCHF. To help make that happen, we recommend the following guidelines as you prepare a news release or announcement. 

  • It is your decision whether to share the dollar amount of your grant support. If you do, we recommend the following approach to ensure the focus is on the work you have done.
    • We suggest that you NOT include grant amounts in the headline. 
    • We recommend considering a headline such as “ABC Organization Expands Proven Program to Address [Issue Area]” rather than “ABC Organization Receives $XXX from HCHF.” 
    • It is also fine to NOT share the dollar amount of your grant or investment from HCHF. You can simply use a phrase like “with support from Highlands Cashiers Health Foundation” if you prefer.  

Per your grant agreement, we would like to know in advance when you plan to publicize your support from us. Please email and give us a heads up.

Media Outreach

  • Please use our approved boilerplate if you mention us.
  • If you would like to include any information about HCHF, please use the language in our approved boilerplate. 
  • If you wish to include more background about HCHF than what is in our boilerplate, please contact
  • Feel free to adapt this press release template.
  • Please do not use the HCHF logo on any press releases unless we have agreed to issue a joint release.

Social Media

  • Be sure to tag Dogwood Health Trust in any social media posts.
    • Facebook: @HCHealthFnd
    • X:@HCHealthFnd 
    • LinkedIn: HCHealthFnd
    • Instagram: @HCHealthFnd


  • If you include a photo with a news release, ensure you have a model release on file.

  • If you would, please share any model released photos with us so we can promote your work as well.


  • If you are making a presentation about your work and would like talking points about HCHF, please contact Josh Bryson,

HCHF Branding Guidelines

    Please refer to us as “Highlands Cashiers Health Foundation” in your materials.

    You may use our logo on your website and/or in your reports. However, please do not use the HCHF logo on any press releases unless we have agreed to issue a joint release.

    • Please do not use the HCHF logo on vehicle wraps, permanent signage and/or any materials that are used for advocacy or political campaigns.
    • Please do not alter the appearance of the logo in any way. 
    • Acceptable uses for the HCHF logo include your website (footer, donor lists, etc.) and in annual reports or other reports.

    In the unlikely event that a HCHF-funded project becomes tied to any controversy, we ask that you notify us as soon as possible. If the controversy rises to the level of news media coverage, we ask that you contact us immediately.
    • A two-week advance review of news media-targeted materials is also requested for funded projects that are connected to controversy.

HCHF Boilerplate

Highlands Cashiers Health Foundation is a private foundation based in Highlands, North Carolina with the sole purpose of dramatically improving the health and wellbeing of all people and communities on the Plateau of North Carolina. HCHF focuses on innovative ways to address the overall health and wellbeing. To learn more, please visit


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Sample Press Release Template

This press release template, which focuses on a housing-related grant and is only meant to serve as an example, demonstrates how to structure a press release to highlight your organization’s program(s) along with Highland Cashiers Health Foundation’s investment.