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Creative Nature Hike: Draw-Paint-Journal with Debby Singleton

In this guided experience, we will be hiking to at least two of the iconic scenes in Panthertown and spend time studying and recording what we see and feel through the creative methods of drawing, journaling, and watercolor painting. Our starting location is the Cold Mountain trailhead. From there we will hike to School House Falls for a creative observation using journaling and watercolor paints to focus on the water and the habitat around the falls. After spending time there, we will hike to Tranquility Point on the top of Little Green Mountain. From our viewpoint, we will concentrate our attention on drawing and painting the landscape vistas from this amazing vantage point and journaling prompts of a reflective nature. Throughout our time together, you will be creating lasting connections with these places and finding joy in the simple acts of slowing down and creating.

Why “create outdoors”, as Robin Wall Kimmerer states in her book Braiding Sweetgrass, “The land is the real teacher. All we need as students is mindfulness.” Creating outdoors allows our “to do list” brains to slow down, to really notice the place and beings surrounding us, and for our senses to fully engage. This openness to possibilities allows us to form reciprocity with the living world. You can see more with your eyes. And your heart is more open to receive the gifts that the natural world is showing you. You are freer to create for the sheer joy of the process.

Friends of Panthertown and Debby Singleton will be curating a travel size art and journaling kit for each participant which will include everything you need to draw, paint, and journal during this experience. These kits will be provided at the beginning of our hike. You are also welcome to bring your own supplies.

No prior drawing or painting experience is needed, yet participants should feel comfortable hiking 3-5 miles over varied terrain and elevation changes.