Letter of Interest Guidelines

Please complete the online Letter of Interest application using the following guidelines to provide an overview of the purpose and focus of the requested project.

  • Mission Statement – 250-Word Limit

Please provide your Mission Statement and how your project/program reflects your Mission Statement.

  • Executive Summary – 250-Word Limit

A description of your project including the issues being addressed, and the proposed solution(s).

  • Project Goals and Objectives-250-Word Limit

Provide a brief summary of the impact this project will have, along with major activities. Please include measurable goals/metrics.

  • Statement of Need – 250-Word Limit

Succinctly elaborate on your objectives.  Provide a description of the specific needs being addressed through the request. Include the people and places you plan to serve with the project request and how this population will benefit from your efforts.

  • Additional Information-250-Word Limit

Please include any information not asked for above that you think would be useful to the reviewer(s).

Funding Eligibility

This year our Board recognizes 2020 is “An Exceptional Year of Need.” We know that unexpected, adverse circumstances are affecting families, homes and businesses. Acting on this, our Board has agreed to allocate significant funding to help our communities. The following outlines our funding focus areas:

  1. COVID-19 Initiatives:Providing financial support to immediate relief needs, as well as emerging and long-term solutions for COVID-19 related issues.
  2. Health and Access to Healthcare Initiatives:Connecting our communities to sustainable and affordable health care services.
  3. Education Initiatives: Expanding and improving education.
  4. Transformative, Innovative and Collaborative Solutions:Providing lasting improvement to our communities’ overall health and well-being.

***The following areas fall outside the Highlands Cashiers Health Foundation scope of support:

  • Individuals
  • Political purposes, including lobbying
  • Out of area projects or organizations
  • Grants prohibited by IRS regulations

2019 Funded Organizations