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HCHF Awards Macon County Schools Grant for Full-Time Nurse at Highlands School

Highlands Cashiers Health Foundation (HCHF) has awarded a grant to Macon County Schools (MCS) to fund a full-time nurse at Highlands School. Macon County Schools has used the grant funds to hire Martine Salter, RN, to serve as the full-time nurse at Highlands School.

“The Macon County School System is very grateful for the partnership with Highlands Cashiers Health Foundation,” said Chris Baldwin, Ed.D., Macon County Superintendent of Schools. “We are excited that our students and staff at Highlands School will be provided with a dedicated school nurse through this grant. Nurse Salter will become a valuable member of the school team, collaborating with teachers, administrators, and other professionals in order to create a safe and healthy learning environment for all.”

The North Carolina Department of Public Instruction states that school nurses are an integral part of access to education and work to reduce and eliminate health-related barriers to the education process for students. They promote health and safety, intervene with actual and potential health problems, provide case management services, and coordinate communication with families, appropriate school staff, and the medical home or private healthcare provider.

“I taught school before I became a nurse, so I really enjoy the setting and the culture of a school,” said Salter. I want people to know that we have a school nurse in the building. I’ll be a resource for the children and the staff. Anytime an emergency comes up, I will be available to help. I can offer various services that can provide an early diagnosis, strengthen prevention and overall health, improve academic achievement, and increase time spent in the classroom.”

In addition to the diagnostic equipment available on the school campus, the school nurse has access to Telehealth through the partnership between Macon County Schools and Macon County Health Department. Parents can learn more about the Telehealth program and services offered by Nurse Salter by contacting Highlands School at 828-526-2147.

Highlands Cashiers Health Foundation believes in good health and access to healthcare for everyone in our community,” says Robin Tindall, Health Foundation CEO and Executive Director. “With school-based health being a critical need for our young people, we are pleased to provide funding for Highlands School’s full-time nurse. This grant provides a tremendous opportunity to partner with the school to lift health and well-being, together.”


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