MAHEC Rural Teaching Practice Overview

UNC Health Science at MAHEC


Rural Teaching Practices will be model rural practices that deliver quality team-based care and make rural practice professionally rewarding, innovative and sustainable for providers, learners and staff.  This environment will foster multidisciplinary learning that encourages recruitment and retention of providers to rural practices in WNC.


  • The agreement is between the practice and Mountain Area Health Education Center (MAHEC) and is funded through legislative appropriations made by the North Carolina General Assembly
  • The teaching practice sites serve as a rural training sites for MAHEC residents, medical and pharmacy students, interns, fellows, and other students
  • MAHEC compensates teaching practice sites for time spent in training services for MAHEC learners, for participating in faculty development, and for administrative support
  • Learners may include: residents (family medicine, pharmacy, psychiatry), medical students, NP students, PA students, nursing students, other undergraduate or high school students

Major Features:

Training Services

  • Teaching site physicians and advanced practice providers (APPs) participate in conferences or didactic sessions on educational topics for rural practice
  • Physicians and/or APPs hold individual conferences with learners each day
  • Physicians and/or APPs create and provide learning opportunities, with an emphasis on the challenges of a rural setting, to include:
    • Prevention and chronic disease management
    • Organizational skills for operating a medical practice
    • Conferences on patient safety and morbidity/mortality
    • Other relevant learning opportunities

Faculty Development & Academic Endeavors

  • MAHEC provides development opportunities for Physicians and APPs in the form of academic endeavors for seasoned physicians (1/year), and annual opportunities for conferences like the regional Rural Health Symposium, and ongoing trainings on topics of choice via didactic sessions

Administrative Support

  • MAHEC will help with coordination of training services and will compensate teaching sites for a negotiated amount of administrative/clerical support at the practice level
  • Both the teaching site and MAHEC will retain professional liability insurance