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Surviving to Thrive with Circles – Cashiers

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Surviving to Thrive with Circles – Cashiers


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“Thanks to the generous grant from the Highlands Cashiers Health Foundation and other generous donors, Circles of Cashiers Glenville was able to launch our first cohort of Circles “Learners” In early February. We are all so grateful to HCHF for the strong support and start you have afforded us. Thanks!!” – Irv Welling, Circles-Cashiers/Glenville Founder

Thank you for your interest in CirclesUSA® in Cashiers/Glenville.  This is a national program whose goal is to end poverty.  There are chapters in communities all across America.  Weekly classes are held in Cashiers, NC on Thursday evenings and we have a cohort of seven active participants, who are called Learners, three facilitator instructors, and lots of volunteers.  Every Thursday evening at 6:00pm the Learners, facilitators, and a few volunteers come together for a hot meal followed by a program.  Childcare is available, if needed.  The program/classes are held for 15 weeks of training and preparation which cover topics such as budgeting, goal setting, support networks, and work relationships.

CirclesUSA® is to “inspire and equip families and communities to resolve poverty and thrive”.  The approach consists of 15 weeks of training followed by the Learner being paired with two community volunteers, called Allies.  Weekly meetings continue for the Learners, now Leaders, with their Allies and this gives the Leader the support necessary to ultimately reach the goal of 200% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines.

“There is a real sense of community among the learners, two of them were in the parking lot after the meeting praying for each other.  They call good-byes and “see you next week” as they leave.  All of these things, I feel, are very good signs that relationships are forming.” – Laura Plush, Circles-Cashiers/Glenville Coodinator



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