2019 Grant Workshop Recap

We at the Highlands Cashiers Health Foundation do recommend watching the full accompanying video. Please click here to watch and thank you for your interest!


Q.   If you have multiple site locations, which should we put as the physical address?

A.  You should put the physical address that corresponds to both the location of the project as well as the location that fits within Highlands Cashiers Health Foundation’s footprint of the six-county region: Cherokee, Clay, Graham, Jackson, Macon, and Swain Counties.

Q. If we are a National Organization would we only speak about the six-counties in Highlands Cashiers Health Foundation’s footprint?

A. Yes, please only focus on the six-counties within HCHF’s Footprint.

Q.  If we serve in areas that aren’t in the six-counties, should we leave that data & information out?

A. Yes, please only focus your application on the projects that are in HCHF’s footprint.


Q.  The Number of volunteers, is that only full-time volunteers, or can we count part-time as well?

A.  However, your organization would like to classify number of volunteers will work for this application.

Q. What if this is an all-volunteer organization, who’s CV/Resume do we use?

A. You should provide the CV/Resume of your organization leader.

Q.   If you have a capital campaign for a building, what staff should I list?

A. List any staff that will be front of line for the project.  You can also list X# of Contractors, electricians, plumbers, etc. Make sure it is specific to the capital project expenses.


Q. Are you able to tell us what your total Distribution will be for this Grant cycle?

A. Not currently.  HCHF Finance Committee is creating a Financial Sustainability Plan that will help the organization determine amounts of funding.

Q.  You said there is no cap.  However, is there a percentage of one’s budget that we shouldn’t go over?

A. No, not yet.  However, please be judicious.

Q. You mentioned a second round?  Will that be a second opportunity to submit another grant?

A. Yes, there will be a second Grant Cycle in this calendar year.


Q. Do we need to list individual donor names and amounts?

A. No, please do not include names and dollar amounts from Individual Donors.  You can group the donors together with a total amount: EX – In FY 19’ we had 35 Individual Donors that gave $14,000.

Q. So, we don’t give the names of funders of $1000+, or just Individuals?

A. Please give the names of the funders, other than individuals.  I.E. Foundations, Governmental Grants, Governmental Entities.  If you want to add Individual Donors to your application – that will show local buy in for your organization.


Q.  Where would an applicant find the resources for statistics in our State?

A. Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, Annie E. Casey Foundation – Kids Count Data, NC Department of Public Health Statistics, Appalachian Regional Commission, Center for Disease Control, US Census Bureau.

Q.   You said the time-frame is flexible.  Does that mean that we can submit a grant that is single year, or multi-year?

A. At this point, we are not sure yet if we will do multi-year grants.  Please apply as you see fit.  If we have questions, we will contact your organization.

Q. Do you want us to include actuals in our Operating Budget?

A. No, your projected revenues and expenses will suffice.

Q. If our organization fits within multiple focus areas, do we need to submit multiple applications, or just one?

No, please only submit one application.  However, do note in your application if your organization and/or project span across multiple focus areas.

Q. Is there a limit on how many times you can apply?  Can you also apply during the second Grant Cycle?

A. No, there isn’t a limit.  You may apply during the second grant cycle as well.  Please use your dollar requests judiciously.

Q. What is the deadline for the application?

A. June 15th, 2019

Q. When I list funding sources should I list them specifically from the counties in the Region HCHF serves?

A. Yes, if you have already received the funding.  If the funding is pending, please list as pending and from which county.

Q. What are indirect costs?

A. Indirect costs are related to administrative overhead.  Please watch the Ted Talk on “The Overhead Myth”.

Q. How many people can work on the Grant at a time?

A. Only one person can have the application open at a time.  Multiple people can work on the application.  However, only one login can be used at a time.

Q. Will it hurt our application if we don’t have letters of recommendation?

A. No, the Annual Budget, the Letters of Agreement, and the Letters of Support are all optional and omitting that information will not hurt your application.

Q. Most grants have a weighted scoring rubric.  When does HCHF think they will have a rubric?

A. We do not have a rubric right now because this is our first grant cycle.  We will have the scoring rubric created by June 15th.

Q. Is there a calendar timeline of when we can anticipate the dispersal of funds?

A. There will be, but it is in progress.  Our Board wants to give adequate time to diligently review all applications.

Q. Will there be a time frame where we should expect a site visit, phone call, and a request for more information?

A. There may be.  If we want more information, or if something is unclear then HCHF will contact your organizational leader through the information provided in your application.

Q. Do you have an amount of people you want us to serve/impact?

A. No.  We want you to be accurate in your estimations.  If you will serve/impact 15 people that is great!  If you will serve/impact 100+ people, that is also great.  Being accurate and realistic is most important.

Q. Are there any other foundation in the regions that have an open grant cycle right now?

A. No, currently Highlands Cashiers Health Foundation is the only Legacy Foundation with an open Grant Cycle.

Q. What is the other Foundation in the region?

A. The other Legacy Foundation in the six-county region is the Nantahala Health Foundation.